Certified Vital Signs Checker™|CVSC

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Certified Vital Signs Checker™ or CVSC specializes in the skillful checking and recording of four (4) main vital signs by professionals who have successfully completed CVSC training, received a CVSC Certificate of Completion, and who are deemed ready to check and record four main vital signs-body temperature, pulse rate, respiration rate, and bood pressure.
Recipients of CVSC services may feel confident knowing the professional checking and recording their vital signs has undergone detailed training, and passed a certifying examination before being allowed to bear the CVSC title and work in the profession.  The demand for CVSC's is steadily increasing, because anyone may need a CVSC at any time for any reason. Accuracy of vital sign taking, reading, and recording is paramount in an individual deciding what steps to take next.  CVSC's are trained to work only within the scope of their profession.  This means vital signs is all they do, and allow CVSC service recipients to decide their best next steps for themselves based on the results of their vital signs check. 
It's always a great time to start your  CVSC training course and obtain CVSC certification totally online now (due to COVID-19).  Though no previous experience is required, professionalism, attention to detail, some mathematical aptitude, and commitment to efficient service are required.  If you are interested in training to start your CVSC career  now, click here.